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Acai Powder


The acai berry pronounced (ah-sigh-ee), is a creamy, low glycaemic berry that grows on tall palm trees on the banks of the Brazilian Amazon and is armed with antioxidants, omega fats and fibre.

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What is Acai Powder?

The acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”) is a small potent, dark purple berry that grows on tall palm trees found in the tropical climate of the rainforests in Central and South America. When the berry is ripe and ready, it is harvested and dried out. It is then grinded into a fine powder that you can bend into a smoothie or juice, sprinkle over cereal or porridge, bake into a cake or energy bar, stir into a yogurt, or even mix into a cocktail! We use only organic raw berries sourced from Brazil so that you can have all the natural goodness from the Amazon rainforest preserved in your kitchen cupboard.

The acai berry truly is one of nature’s most impressive superfruits. It’s a source of an amazing flavonoid called anthocyanin. This is a pigmented substance that not only gives the acai berry is deep purple hue, but also contributes to a variety of health-boosting activities such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, reducing cholesterol and improving heart health, improving brain cognition and memory function, aiding cell regeneration, and potentially anti-cancerous properties. The acai berry is also a fantastic source of fibre (helps with regular bowl function), Vitamin E (anti-aging and good skin care properties), and Vitamin B2 (promotes energy and growth).

Read all about the benefits of Acai Powder and our favourite ways to take it!

Where does Açai Powder come from?

The acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”) is a small but potent, dark purple berry that grows on tall palm trees found in the tropical climate of the rainforests in Central and South America. They’re native to the Brazilian Amazon region where they’re celebrated as a true superfruit (as they should be!). The berries themselves look like small grapes. They are about 2cm round with a tough purple skin but a yellow juicy flesh that covers a large seed. In fact, the seed takes up about 80% of the space in the berry, and the other 20% goes to the nutrient packed flesh and skin. Unfortunately, ripened acai berries have a short shelf life and rarely survive the export journey so they’re often sold as a prepared product. Once they’re harvested, they’re either soaked to soften the skin and thoroughly mashed into a creamy purple purée or dried and finely ground into a fine powder. We believe the powder is the best way to preserve acai berries because it allows for the most concentrated form of all its nutrients and is incredible versatile to use.

Our Acai Powder is sourced carefully and with respect for nature. We ensure only 100% raw organic acai berries are used in the grinding process, certified by the Irish Organic Association and the European Union organic policy, so you know you’re getting the best version of one of nature’s most impressive and beneficial fruits.

Açai Powder Benefits

It boosts our immune system! The acai berry is known for its impressive antioxidant properties. Antioxidants prevent oxidisation by removing oxidising agents from the body that are potentially damaging. They are important because they can build up our immune system and help prevent our cells from damage caused by diseases initiated by free radicals such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Antioxidants also act as neutralisers for oxidative damage caused by pollution and other environmental stressors.

  • Acai berries have a high fibre content. Fibre is a key part of our diet to ensure our bowls are healthy and working. The fibre found in acai berries also helps to keep us fuller for longer which assists with weight loss diets, regulates blood sugar, and support good heart health.
  • It’s great for your heart! The acai berry is an example of a ‘heart-healthy fat’. A combination of fibre and heart-healthy fats increase the level of HDL (good) cholesterol in the body and reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body, resulting in improved cholesterol balance in the body. The acai berry is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. These have been shown to prevent heart health and improve cholesterol.
  • Another reason that the acai berry can improve cholesterol levels in the body is because it contains the pigmented anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a flavonoid that gives the berry its rich purple colour however it also acts as an agent to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. On top of that, the acai berry contains plant sterols. These are naturally formed substances formed in plants that have been shown to prevent HDL (bad) cholesterol from being absorbed into your body
  • The anthocyanin in the acai berry also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can ease the symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Acai berries are a wonderful source of calcium that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We need calcium in our died to ensure our bones are strong, muscles are contracting, our blood clotting, and our heart beating.
  • They can improve brain function! This comes back to the antioxidant properties that acai berries are known for. Our body naturally replaces damaged and old cells with new healthy ones. This process is called autophagy and it’s vital to the function of our brain cells and nervous system. However, as we age our bodies become less effective at cleaning out the damaged cells and slower at regenerating new ones. A result of this is that our brain cells experience inflammation and oxidation which can negatively affect memory and learning function. The good news is, the plant compounds contained in the acai berry can protect our brain from these impairments that occur with age. The acai berry has been shown to stimulate autophagy in our systems and help our bodies to maintain a healthy network of cells and promoting brain health but specifically the anthocyanin found in the acai berry can enhance and improve memory function, and improve blood flow to the brain.
  • For the same reasons as above, regular intake of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory foods such as the acai berry may contribute to preventing Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • The acai berry has shown anti-cancerous potential. This is thanks to the wonderful existence of anthocyanin. Anthocyanin operate as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents. They have also been shown to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, induce the death of cancer cells, inhibit the formation of tumours, and prevent cancer cell invasion.

How to use Açai Powder

We process the acai berry into a powder form because we believe it gives us the most concentrated amount of nutrients that is incredibly handy and versatile to include into anyone’s diet. The berries naturally have an earthy flavour that is a combination of wild berries and chocolate. We recommend 1tsp of our Acai Powder daily is plenty but remember, as with all natural foods, it is best to start small and work up to the recommended daily dosage

If you’re looking for some suggestions, here are our favourite ways to take it:

  • Blend the powder into your favourite smoothie or juice recipes for a sweet but powerful secret ingredient;
  • Sprinkle it over your morning cereal or porridge to start your day with the benefit of all its nutrients;
  • Stir it into your yoghurt for a satisfying snack;
  • Bake it into a delicious cake or handy energy balls/bars;
  • Sweeten raw chocolate to give your treat some extra health kicks;
  • Mix it into a clean cocktail (we love this Acai-tini recipe)

Açai Powder Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy 480 Kcal / 2010 KJ
Protein 9.8g
Carbohydrates 17.4g
−         of which sugars 1.7g
Fat 41.2g
−         of which saturates 9.6g
Fibre 24.4g
Sodium 0.05g
Vitamin E 20mg (167% RDA*)
Thiamin B1 1.35mg (124% RDA*)
Riboflavin B2 1.21mg (86% RDA*)
Potassium 530.3mg (27% RDA*)
Calcium 156mg (20% RDA*)

*Recommended Daily Allowance.

Reference Intake of an average adult (2000kcal/8400kJ)


Our Acai Powder is made from 100% Raw Organic Acai berries, sourced with respect for nature and is certified by the Irish Organic Association and the European Union organic policy. This product is suitable for Vegans and Vegetables.


This product may contain traces of nuts.

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