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Benefits of Eating Organic Foods by Colman Power Organic Fitness

Benefits of Eating Organic Foods.
By: Colman Power, CPOF

What does ORGANIC mean?
The short answer is plants and animals grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers,
pesticides or medicine. These growers must also be registered with a government body.
In the United States it’s the USDA, and individually the National Organic Program (NOP) is
the federal regulatory framework in the United States of America governing organic food.
In Ireland there are three different organic bodies: the Irish Organic Trust, the Irish
Organic Association (IOA) and the Demeter.

Why are conventional fertilizers, pesticides and medicines bad?
Fertilizers are petroleum based and introduce “invisible” toxins in the food, soil and water
around the area it’s used on. This is similar to the effects of using antibiotics and growth hormones in animals.  The antibiotics build up in the human body after consumption of these animal products and can have adverse effects on the body, such as killing good bacteria in your gut, creating an imbalance
of your delicate ecosystem within the body.

 Organic fertilizers and pest control.
Organic registered growers must use regenerative methods to renew souls fertility, with zero
chemical interventions. Some great examples are seaweed, manure and homemade elixir
(banana, egg shell, nettle or garlic). These methods prove to have very little runoff into the
water supplies in the ground.

Nutritional differences.
The main thing I want to get across when it comes to organic foods is not what they have,
it’s what they don’t have (the invisible toxins mentioned above) as well as an increased
vitamin and mineral count and a better supply of antioxidants.

ORGANIC NUA Natural’s foods that I recommend and use daily are Hemp Seeds Hulled,


Maca Powder is a root vegetable, similar to a parsnip. They are native to Peru. They
are a natural apoptogenic meaning it helps heal your body and deal with stressors .
Maca is also a amazing source for Vitamin D which is a natural mood improver and is
high in antioxidants, which help with cell repair and damage.


I highly recommend adding hemp seeds to your diet to hit your protein target from whole
foods. These small, brown seeds are rich in protein, fibre, and health fats, including
omega-3s and omega-6s. The large amount of antioxidants found in hemp seeds can help your skin, and many other areas of your body health such as your muscles after training. Hemp seeds are a complete
source of protein, meaning that they provide all nine source essential amino acids.


Cacao is  is a really great food to help your body across the board. It’s a natural prebiotic, aiding in gut health which is where most of our serotonin is produced. Happy gut = happy hormones! Cacao is also high in magnesium which is typically what your body is asking for when you eat chocolate.
As a general rule of thumb, the darker the colour the higher concentration of
antioxidants which is the same for cacao and vegetables for that matter. I use Cocoa
with Maca and cinnamon as an alternative to coffee in the morning as it does not
effect your sleep like coffee and sleep is one of the pillars of health.

The biggest take away I hope you get from this is that whole organic
foods are the golden standard and should be used as medicine for your
body.  All supplements and medicines can be traced back to plants, I’d rather
you get it through consumption of the whole food itself.

NUA Naturals checks all the boxes with their organic products.
I recommend NUA Naturals to my clients in addition to using their products on a daily basis myself.

Thank you Colman for these great insights, for more great organic growing tips and great fitness advice, check out

Colman Power Organic Fitness


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