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A long long time ago..

Our story began over 20 years ago, when three friends separately started on a journey to discover positive health in a time when their ideas seemed a little left of centre!

This was always a personal passion, however, as the paths of Hilary, Ronan & Niall only crossed during a business venture in finance in 2009 … yes, the perfect time to be involved in the world of finance!!

By 2011, like a lot of the country, the downturn had taken its toll on all three and the business closed leaving a financial and emotional vacuum in its wake.

What to do now?

Hilary & Ronan took what they had left and went on a detox retreat in Thailand to get some clarity. It worked. Never really being able to take the entrepreneur hat off, on returning they saw there was gap in Ireland for this growing ‘superfood’ trend that was sweeping the USA and other countries. Knowing that this was Niall’s passion they quickly got him on board too…

All three dusted off the marks of the past and NUA Naturals was born!

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An exciting whirlwind

The short version…

Sep 2011 we originally launched under the name Ireland’s Raw Kitchen where it was the three of us and one good friend doing everything – filling, printing, labelling, shipping, making cups of matcha tea and whatever else was needed! Good times!

That year we were blessed to be accepted onto the first year of an amazing program called Foodworks.ie which was our platform to understanding the business of food. We were still rapidly growing our business and the course was intense… but it was worth it.

Making an impact.

Realising we had an instinct for branding and marketing, we used our contacts from Foodworks to spend most of 2013 designing and creating the brand we really wanted.

In January 2014 we showed our completely redesigned brand to the world and NUA Naturals was born. The response was, and still is, amazing!

Making an Impact

So where are we now?

Not to boast, but, currently we employ 26 people, expected to rise to 35 by year end! Mostly based in Galway City but also in Spain and Germany. Our range contains over 60 amazing products and growing, on the shelves in Ireland, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Malaysia & Croatia. With new distributors in Spain, France, Scandanavia & Greece and we are also in discussions with new distributors from Italy, Poland, Austria, Dubai and the USA.