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7 Surprising Benefits of Maca Powder

Should Maca Powder be Kept in the Medicine Press?

Maca is a Peruvian root that has many health benefits & has been used medically for centuries.

Maca powder is one of those superfoods that has a multitude of benefits for so many people. We’ve put together this collection of benefits that many of our customers have claimed and that Maca is well known for. 


Increased Energy

Maca is often known as an energy booster that provides both even and sustained energy throughout the day. It acts as a natural stimulant but doesn’t actually contain anything like caffeine. Some studies have shown that maca has an influence in correcting blood glucose levels leading to a stable increase in energy! 


Muscle Gain

More and more natural body-builders and athletes are starting to up their intake of maca powder as they’ve found it helps them to build more muscle and helps them work out stronger for longer. For more on naturally building muscles with maca, have a look at this Human BluPrint article. Maca is also said to increase stamina and athletic endurance. Incan warriors are said to have consumed Maca before battle increase their prowess. More recently, athletes have taken maca to increase stamina in distance racing and to help build muscle.


Maca for Mental Clarity and Performance

Due to Maca’s energising and uplifting properties, it also supports mental clarity, memory as well as the ability to focus. Many people enjoy taking maca during the working week to help them stay focused on the task at hand. Maca is also said to reduce stress and anxiety and act as a natural anti-depressant. 


Maca for Strong Bones and Teeth

Maca powder contains relatively high levels of bio available calcium which is known to increase bone density and strength.


How to Use

  • Mix with raw cacao for an energizing, antioxidant rich hot drink
  • Stir into soups adding a light nutty flavour
  • Combine with a spread and enjoy over a slice of toast or cracker
  • Blend into smoothies & juices
  • Add to hot drinks such as tea and coffee


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