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7 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Daily (Read to the End!)

Wheatgrass juice is energising, immune boosting, helps to improve younger looking skin, helps recover from exercise, keeps our antioxidants high as well as having many other benefits. 

Also known as “Nature’s wonder food”, a panacea of nature which, as you are reading this you’re most likely thinking ‘’that is a very bold statement about one single food or supplement’’, but that is what wheatgrass is known as. 

Firstly, what exactly is wheatgrass juice? 

Well, wheatgrass is simpler than you think. It is derived from grass, the common wheat plant. The grass is edible, gluten free, leafy and green, contrasting the fully grown brown wheat grain. So, it is an edible grass, however, the grass itself contains cellulose, which is indigestible, so what we can derive from the wheatgrass is the juice.

 We can do this in several ways; 

  1. Juice the fresh grass using a masticating juicer. You are not able to use a normal centrifuge juicer as you need to be able to pulverise the grass and extract the juice. 
  2. You can mill down the leaf of the plant into a fine green powder. 

We are looking to extract the nutrients and juice from this young wheat plant, which is found to be beneficial in producing great health results in both humans and animals. 

What does wheatgrass contain that makes it so nutritious?

Wheatgrass is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, so it contains vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C , vitamin E, along with vitamin B12 which is difficult to get from any other plant source.

It contains calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron, and lots of antioxidants. Wheatgrass also includes 17 Amino Acids.

Of its 17 amino acids, eight are considered essential, meaning your body cannot produce them and you must obtain them from food sources. Therefore, Wheatgrass has the building blocks of protein, and it also contains plant enzymes such as, chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a key plant enzyme that is highly alkaline.

So, how is that related to Wheatgrass? 

Chlorophyll is the green pigment which gives wheatgrass its bright green colour. A green pigment, present in all green plants and in cyanobacteria, which is responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. Therefore, contains more light energy than any other food element.

This is important because we as humans are not able to harness the sun’s energy into our own bodies. Plants act as the middleman, when we consume wheatgrass juice which is high in this chlorophyll pigment, we are in effect harnessing the energy from the sun.

A serving of wheatgrass juice of just 1 ounce, has vitamins and minerals equal to 1 pound of fresh vegetables. Green plants are the only living organism on earth that can convert such energy into food and of those green plants, wheatgrass can be thought of as the king of those plants.

Benefits of Wheatgrass

1.Wheatgrass juice is a body builder: Wheatgrass juice contains around 70% chlorophyll, which has some major health benefits on our bodies as it differs in only one module from our own blood composition, haemoglobin. This makes it a wonderful blood cleanser and blood builder and will really oxygenate our cells benefitting our blood which is our body of life.

benefits of drinking wheatgrass daily
Wheatgrass is a body builder


2. Wheatgrass benefits on the body: Wheatgrass increases our red blood cells, it can lower your blood pressure, cleanse your organs and your gastrointestinal tract of any unwanted debris. Furthermore, it stimulates our bodies metabolism and enzyme systems by enriching our blood. A lot of these benefits are related to the fact that it has such a great effect on our blood.

benefits of drinking wheatgrass daily

3. Wheatgrass relieves aches and pains: Wheatgrass can also be used to relieve any internal pains and it is a wonderful detoxifier so it can purify your liver, and kidneys.

Wheatgrass benefits on aches and pains4. Youthfulness: Wheatgrass can reverse and prevent graying of hair. Wheatgrass is also used to produce youthfulness, it is used by a lot of people as an internal beauty treatment to make you look and feel younger, more vibrant and beautified.

Wheatgrass benefits of drinking daily

5. Medical use: Alternative medical practitioners have been using wheatgrass juice for years treating almost every ailment that you can think of. From constipation to easing the pain of arthritis, to diabetes and even to recovering from the aftereffects of chemotherapy. One study found that wheatgrass juice decreased the risk of impaired bone marrow function, a common complication of chemotherapy in 60 people with breast cancer. It helps them to recover much quicker by taking wheatgrass on a regular basis. However, there is still no evidence on the potential anti-cancer effects of wheatgrass in humans. More studies are needed to understand how it may impact cancer development in people. It can also stimulate your thyroid gland and normalise your blood sugar.

medical uses of wheatgrass

6. The skin: Wheatgrass can be applied to the external skin to help reduce any itching or allergies. It can also be used on burns and wounds helping them heal quicker as well as soothing sunburnt skin, acting as a disinfectant, working as a sleep aid as it enhances our oxygen intake.

benefits of wheatgrass on the skin

7. Dental benefits of wheatgrass: It can sweeten your breath and firm up your gums, as wheatgrass juice is astounding for dental health and preventing and fighting gum disease. It increases energy levels when consumed daily.

dental benefits of wheatgrass

(Extra Benefit) The environment: Wheatgrass helps to neutralise environmental pollutants. We live in a day and age where there is pollution in the air, along with heavy metals. We have fluoride and often chlorine in our water. We have cars pumping pollution out into the universe, so it is particularly important to be doing things to mitigate the effects of those pollutants on our bodies. As well as pollution we also have the risk of radiation as households nowadays have WIFI. Drinking wheatgrass juice is an excellent way to lessen the effect of radiation on your body.

We really cannot sum up all the benefits of wheatgrass in people’s lives. It really deserves that title of nature’s wonder food, nature’s panacea. It has countless other positive results that we would not even begin to think of because of all the trace minerals, the enzymes and the richness of this superfood. The key thing is to drink it consistently, little and often, a teaspoon in a pint of water a day.  It is a matter of self-discipline and in taking it, that will in turn help take care of your health over the long term.

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Author: Megan Carkery

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